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                     Millennium Artifacts

Egyptian Book of the Dead: Bel um Ful, some 3 millennia's ago, a young, but capable leader ruled Egypt. However, during his reign, ambitious people are already worshipping dark powers, therefore in order to get rid of these powers, the young Pharaoh sacrificed his life and sealed the dark powers into 7 separate artifacts, or known as the Millennium Items. Now, at present time, they have been unearthed, each item calling to another, until there is a unison.
It is also said that once the 7 Millennium Items are collected, along with the 3 God Cards, the dark powers shall be released, and the Pharaoh shall find his lost memory.

~Millennium Puzzle~
The Millennium Puzzle is owned by Yugi Mutou, it's uses are that it will
give the owner another personality to be smart, daring and the ability to
win in games. The person who loses will get punished. The soul of an ancient
Egyptian Pharaoh, who sacrificed his life to seal dark powers, is sealed
also in the Millennium Puzzle.
Owner: Mutou Yuugi
Ability: Contains the soul of the Pharaoh.

~Millennium Ring~
The Millennium Ring is owned by Ryou Bakura, one of Yugi's main enemy's (in a
period of time now a friend). The use of the Millennium Ring is to give the
owner a second personality of evilness. It's power given to the owner:
detecting other Millennium Items and also gaining their powers as well. It
can also seal part, or entire souls within objects. Sealed inside the
Millennium Ring is the soul of a Tomb-robber.
Owner: Bakura Ryou
Ability: Contains the soul of a tomb robber, This has the ability to seal parts of anyone's soul into inanimate objects.

~Millennium Anhk ~
The Millennium Anhk is owned by Shaadii, an Egyptian warrior who punishes
people who raid any Egyptian Tombs and Temples. The uses of that item can
see through a person's heart to see their personality etc.
Owner: Shadi
Ability: Has the power to enter a person's heart and see that person's persoanlity. It can also change a person's personality according to the owner's will.

~Millennium Scale~
The Millennium Scale is also owned by Shaadii, the use of that item is to
judge people. If the owner asks a question, the person being asked has to
answer the question honestly otherwise the Scale punishes the person being
Owner: Shadi
Ability: Place the feather of truth on one end, a person's heart on the other end. If the person's heart is heavier than the feather of truth, then that means the person is full of sins, If this happens A monster from the abyss shall devour the guilty.

Millennium Tauk

The owner the The Millennium Tauk is called Isis Ishtar, the eldest daughter
of the Ishtar Family. The Ishtar Family has been guarding the Pharaoh's
Memory since ancient Egypt after an undead Pharaoh sacrificed his life to
seal Dark Powers within 7 items. The use of the Tauk item is being able to
see the future. However, the powers of other Millennium Items are capable of
altering this future. (In one chapter of the manga, Isis was dueling Kaiba,
her prediction was that Kaiba would lose, however, the Millennium Rod
prevented Kaiba from losing by showing Kaiba some flashbacks).
Owner 1: Isis Ishtar
Owner 2: Mutou Yuugi ( He later had the Tauk)
Ability: To see into the near future.

Millennium Rod
The owner of The Millennium Rod is called Malik Ishtar, brother of Isis and
the second child of the Ishtar Family. He claimed control of this item when
he was 11, when his Father nearly killed his faithful servant and friend -
Lisid. He has had a split personality since he was 10 when his back was
engraved with the Pharaoh's Memory. His split personality came out when
Lisid fell unconscious, he killed his Father with the Rod. The Rod is also
capable of turning into a small knife. Shaadii told him that it was all the
Pharaoh's fault, so he swore that he would use The Millennium Rod to kill
the Pharaoh, who is roaming the lands searching for his memory.
Owner: Malik Ishtar
Ability: This is used to brainwash people, Making them turn into Zombies basically. It can


~Millennium Eye~
The owner of The Millennium Eye is called Pegasus J. Crawford (Maximillion
Pegasus), an American who is a designer of magic and wizards card game (Duel
Monsters in real life). The ability of that item is that it can see through
a person's mind to see what they are thinking about. He was given this while
on a trip to Egypt 7 years ago when peeking at a building guarding the
"Pharaoh's Memory Slate", he only wanted to see his dead girl friend again,
and got that wish when the Eye accepted him. When he lost to Yugi, Ryou
Bakura took the Eye from him.
Owner 1: Pegasus J. Crawford 
Owner 2: Bakura Ryou ( He later had the eye)
Ability: Has the ability to read people's mind.


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