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Yugi Muto             Favorite card - Dark Magician

Yugi ep 2.jpg (22718 bytes)Yugi Muto is the main character of the show, a student at Domino high school, Yugi is one of the best duel monsters players and obtains the ancient Millenium Puzzle. Yugi has 3 best friends, Joey, Tristan, and Tea. In school, Yugi is known as a shy friendly kid, but not to many know of his alter ego and his talent at playing Duel Monsters. As a kid, Yugi learned Duel Monsters from his Grandpa, who owns a Game Shop. Yugi got the Millenium Puzzle from his grandpa, who claimed to get it from some Ancient Egyptian Ruins. Grandpa dared Yugi to solve the Puzzle, and Yugi succeeded. Yugi solved the puzzle and unlocked an ancient spirit named Yami Yugi. The spirit had been sealed in the Millenium Puzzle, one of the seven items that were used to seal powerful magic by a Pharoah in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians played a form of Duel Monsters, however not with cards, but with real magic and real monsters in the Shadow Games. With this magic, they almost destroyed the whole world. A pharoah then sealed the magic into the Millenium Items, and 5,000 years later, Yugi unlocked the ancient spirit inside the Millenium Puzzle, choosing him to defend against the Shadow Games, just as the Pharoah did. Ever since Yugi unlocked the spirit, playing Duel Monsters was never the same. He could always feel a presence guiding him. This presence became useful in his first duel against Seto Kaiba, after Kaiba defeated his grandpa in a duel and sent him to the hospital. The guidance from the ancient spirit helped Yugi to stand up to Kaiba and give Yugi confidence and courage in his duel. Yugi was able to believe in the cards, just like his friends believe in him. Yugi was able to assemble all the pieces of Exodia, and defeat Kaiba. After Kaibas defeat, Yugi was contacted by Maximillion Pegasus, the creator of duel monsters, and was challenged to a timed duel. Pegasus told Yugi about his Millenium Item and how the Egyptians created the game. Yugi was shocked to learn that Pegasus could somehow see the cards he had in his hand. Yugi came up with an idea and almost won, but ran out of time. Pegasus then used his Millenium item, the Millenium Eye to capture his grandpas soul and imprison it. Yugi was shocked to lose his grandpas soul. Yugi was then later invited to the duel monsters tournament at Duelist Kingdom, hosted by Pegasus. Yugi had no choice but to go and try to rescue his grandfather, and begin his journey towards becoming a legendary duelist.

Yugi and his grandpa ep 2.jpg (21471 bytes)yu_gi.gif (5711 bytes)

Yami Yugi

Yugi ep 1.jpg (17385 bytes)Yami Yugi is Yugi's strong alter ego. When Yugis Millenium Puzzle activates, a strong presence inside of him takes control. Yami Yugi is a very strong duelist and has a lot of courage. Ever since Yugi solved the Millenium Puzzle and unlocked this spirit, playing duel monsters was never the same for him. Yami Yugi along with the power of the Millenium Puzzle, is able to send spirits to the Shadow Realm and put them back into their right place. Although Yami Yugi helps Yugi out, sometimes Yugi has a hard time controlling himself with the ancient spirit inside of him. In Yugis final duel with Kaiba, Yami Yugi was willing to win the duel at any cost, even if it meant hurting Kaiba. Yugi struggled to gain control, and did. He stopped the attack on Kaiba and let Kaiba win the match, even though it meant losing the only chance he had to rescue his grandfather. Since Yugi almost couldn't control the presence inside of him, he wanted to never duel again. Thankfully, Tea helped Yugi and won entrance into the castle for Yugi. Will Yugis ancient spirit inside of him help him defeat Pegasus and win back his Grandpa? We'll find out soon.

Yugi ep 4.jpg (12944 bytes)yami_yugi1.gif (26095 bytes)

Joey Wheeler             Favorite card - Flame Swordsman

Joey as the Flame Swordsman ep 12.jpg (12899 bytes)Joey Wheeler used to be a tough street kid, with Tristan at his side, but Joey was shown true friendship after he met with Yugi. Joey gained respect for Yugi and learned what a true friend was, after Yugi stood up to a bully for him at school. After that Joey and Yugi became good friends, along with Tristan and Tea. Joey is sometimes not to bright when thinking and does things without thinking about them. However, Joey has a great heart and cares for his sister Serenity, who is in danger of losing Joey ep 10.jpg (13725 bytes)her eye sight. After receiving a tape from his sister, Joey decided that he needed to help her, and he entered the Duelist Kingdom with Yugi. Joey wanted to help Yugi defeat Pegasus, and that they would do it as a team. Joey was not invited to the tournament, but Yugi was generous enough to give Joey one of his star chips, qualifying him to enter. Even though he was not a tournament duelist, and only received some training from Yugis grandpa, he journyed to the Duelist Kingdom.  He was going to duel for his sister, since the grand prize for the tournament was $3 million, which would be enough to help his sister with her eyes. Joey followed by Yugis side, learning tips from him and helping Yugi out at times as well. Joey challenged Mai, Bones, and even Rex Raptor, a finalist in the Regional Championship. Joey got better and better at dueling, needing less help from Yugi. He also traded and won new stronger cards in the tournament, such as, the Red Eyes Black Dragon, Shield and Sword, Baby Dragon Salamandra, and the Time Wizard, from Yugi. Joey used the Time Wizard to get out of many tight spots in his duel, but Joey later helped out Yugi, using his Red Eyes in a duel against the Paradox Brothers. Joey now waits to challenge Pegasus and to win the $3 million for his sister. However, first he will probably have to challenge Yugi to a duel, his best friend. Its now all up to Joey and if he will be able to help his sister.

Joey and Yugi ep 17.jpg (14180 bytes)joey_wheeler1.gif (22033 bytes)

Tristan Taylor             Favorite card - Cyber Commander

As a long time friend of Joey's, Tristan knows what it is like to care about a friend. Though he is sometimes quick to get worried, Tristan always supports his friends. Tristan has always looked out for Joey and is like a brother to him. Joey believes that Tristan is always there to help because he thinks Joey has to be helped. But Tristan is there to be a good friend and always help him out. At times they do argue and bicker with eachother, they are still good friends. Tristan managed to cheer Joey and Yugi on in the tournament, and even helped Joey out in a duel against Rex Raptor. After borrowing Tristans Lava Battleguard card, Joey used him in his duel, along with his Swamp Battleguard. The two battleguards were a tough duo to beat, helping eachother out and getting a bonus from being out on the field. Tristan managed to help Joey to not give up and to not forger about his sister Serenity, who Joey was fighting for. Joey ended up winning the duel and advancing closer in the tournament to helping his sister. Tristan helped to support Yugi and Joey, along with Tea. Now that Yugi and Joey have both made it to the castle, they will have to duel eachother soon. Will Tristan and Tea support Yugi in his quest to get his grandpa back, or Joey who wants to help his sister? 

tristan_taylor1.gif (12095 bytes)Tristan and Joey ep 11.jpg (14433 bytes)

Tea Gardner             Favorite card - Magician of Faith

Tea ep 23.jpg (10561 bytes)Tea is the most compassionate of her group of friends and is the voice of reason. Tea has been a long time friend of Yugi and goes to school with Yugi, Joey, and Tristan. Tea believes that Yugi is the best Duel Monsters player ever. Tea always believes in her friends and supports them in everything they do. To show there friendship, she drew a special symbol on all of their hands, to show that they would always know that their friends were right there with them. Tea managed to help Yugi and Joey out when she and Tristan sneeked onto the ship heading towards the Duelist Kingdom.  She and Tristan managed to save Yugi and Joey from drowning. During the tournament at Duelist Kingdom, Tea rooted Yugi and Joey on, and was always there to support them. Tea even challenged Mai, after Yugi lost his star chips to Kaiba, to get Mais extra star chips. Tea dueled for Yugi and gave him entrance into the castle.

Tea, Joey, and Tristan ep 1.jpg (16515 bytes)tea_gardner1.gif (18620 bytes)

Maximillion Pegasus

Pegasus and his Millenium Eye.jpg (16969 bytes)As the creator of the Duel Monsters game and the president of Industrial Illusions, Maximillion Pegasus is the best Duel Monsters player ever. Using his powerful Millenium Eye, one of the 7 millenium items, Pegasus is able to see the cards in the hand of his opponent, as well as others minds. Pegasus has mastered every strategy and has every card ever made at his disposal. Pegasus' Duel Monsters deck consists mostly of Toon based cards, since he usually reads his favorite comic book while sipping the worlds finest fruit juice in his castle. Pegasus ultimately seeks to get the other millenium items, and created the Duel Monsters Tournament at Duelist Kingdom, to attract the ones who have the Millenium Items. Pegasus invited Yugi into this bold new tournament after Yugis impressive defeat of the current world champion Seto Kaiba. Pegasus was so intrigued by Yugis talents that he challenged him to a Duel Monsters game. Using his Millenium Eye, Pegasus was able to take him and Yugi to the Shadow Realm. Pegasus told that the Duel Monsters game was actually created by the Egyptians. Pegasus beat Yugi in this non-official match and took control of Yugis grandpas soul, using the Millenium Eye. Pegasus kept Yugis grandpa imprisoned inside a Duel Monsters card inside his castle at Duelist Kingdom. Pegasus then sent an invitation to Yugi, to compete in the tournament, earn 10 star chips, and enter Pegasus' castle to try and save his Grandpa. Yugi and his grandpa however were not the only victims of Pegasus. After a hostile takeover of Kaiba Corp. by Seto Kaibas associates, Pegasus seized to take control of the company. To take control, Pegasus had to kidnap Kaibas younger brother Mokuba and have Seto Kaiba meet with an unfortunate end. Pegasus ended up imprisoning Mokuba in his castle. When Seto Kaiba arrived to try and save Mokuba, Pegasus trapped Mokubas soul as well. After defeating Yugi, Seto Kaiba entered the castle to duel Pegasus for Mokuba's soul. Kaiba did not favor well, as his every move was met with a counter attack from Pegasus. Pegasus defeated Kaiba, and added him to his collection of soul cards. Seeing Kaiba's soul being taken as well, Yugi knew that he had to make it to the finals to face-off against Pegasus, and win back their souls. Yugi did manage to make it to the finals. Pegasus agreed to release the soul's of Kaiba, Mokuba, and Granpda, if he was defeated. However, if Yugi lost, he would lose his soul as well, and Pegasus would gain control of Yugi's Millenium Puzzle.

Pegasus ep 25.jpg (11853 bytes)maximillion_pegasus1.gif (36825 bytes)

Seto Kaiba             Favorite card: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Kaiba ep 14.jpg (9786 bytes)Seto Kaiba is the wealthy CEO of his own corporation, Kaiba Corp. Though he is a busy business man, Kaiba plays Duel Monsters and is the current World Champion. Seto Kaiba was undefeated in Duel Monsters, until he was challenged by Yugi Muto, a classmate at his school. After overhearing a conversation between Yugi and Joey Wheeler, Kaiba went to Yugis grandpas Game Shop, to look for a rare card that he was looking for. In the possession of Yugis grandpa, was the card Seto Kaiba was Seto Kaiba ep 1.jpg (10413 bytes)searching for, the Legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon. Kaiba offered any price or trade for the rare card, but grandpa would'nt part with it. Seto then forced Grandpa into a duel, putting up their rarest cards as prizes. Seto won the Blue Eyes White Dragon and ripped it in half. Watching Yugi come to Grandpas aide, Kaiba offered to duel Yugi. Yugi would use his Grandpas deck and teach him about the Heart of the Cards. Kaiba dominated the match, playing his 3 Legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon cards. There are only 4 in the world and Grandpas was ripped up. Kaiba was about to defeat Yugi, but then Yugi unleashed the Unstoppable Exodia The Forbidden One, instantly winning the duel for Yugi. Kaiba was shaken and couldn't believe he lost to such a rookie. Yugi opened Kaibas mind and freed his soul of the evil presence inside of him. After Kaibas defeat to Yugi, Kaiba didn't know what to think of himself. Kaiba dropped out of the Duel Monsters tournament at Duelist Kingdom and left his corporate station to search for himself. While Kaiba was gone, Pegasus moved in and tried to seize Kaiba Corp., kidnapping Kaibas brother, Mokuba. While going over simulations of the duel between him and Yugi, Kaiba was confronted by two security men wanting to take him to see Pegasus. Kaiba jumped out of a window in his mansion, above a tall cliff and fell towards the water.  Kaiba managed to survive the fall, and journey to the Duelist Kingdom to aid Yugi and to try and save his brother Mokuba from the hands of Pegasus. However Kaiba will have to duel Yugi and Pegasus in order to save his brother and ultimately his own soul. In order for him to win he will try and create a monster with unsurpassed power to save his brother. Has Seto learned the heart of the cards or is he still searching for answers.

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon ep 22.jpg (18198 bytes)seto_kaiba1.gif (18414 bytes)


Mokuba ep 7.jpg (15081 bytes)As Seto Kaibas little brother, Mokuba has always looked up to his big brother and admired him as a duelist and as a great person. Mokuba believes that he can always count on Seto to help him out when he needs help. After Setos shocking loss to Yugi, Mokuba was surprised to learn that Seto was dropping out of the tournament at Duelist Kingdom, and was leaving to go think things over. After Seto left Mokubas side, associates of Kaiba Corp. and Pegasus began thinking of a plan to take over Kaiba Corp. and kidnap Mokuba. Mokuba was kidnapped since Pegasus couldn't legally take over Kaiba Corp. Mokuba was held at Pegasus' Castle, waiting to be saved by his big brother. Mokuba managed to escape himself and steel a deck and some star chips from a duelist. Mokuba challenged Yugi to a duel. Since Pegasus had to defeat Yugi in a duel to take control of Kaiba Corp., Mokuba planned to defeat Yugi and eliminate him from the tournament. However, Mokuba was convinced by Yugi that his way was not the right way. So Mokuba teamed up with Yugi to defeat Pegasus together.

Mokuba and Chemo ep 9.jpg (13189 bytes)mokuba_kaiba1.gif (20334 bytes)

Grandpa             Favorite card - Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Grandpa ep 1.jpg (18958 bytes)Yugis grandpa owns the Game Shop and has traveled the world. He is an expert on Duel Monsters and obtains one of the four Legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon cards. The card is very special to him, given to him by a dear friend. However, after being defeated by Seto Kaiba, Grandpas special card was ripped up, not to be used against Kaiba, who has the 3 other Blue Eyes. After Yugis defeat of Seto Kaiba, Yugi brought Joey in to be a student for grandpa, to teach him to become a great tournament duelist. After Yugi received a tape in the mail, Grandpa was shocked to find the great Maximillion Pegasus sending greetings to his Yugi. However after Yugi was defeated by Pegasus in their short match, Pegasus used his Millenium Eye to pull Grandpas soul from his body and imprison it in his Castle at Duelist Kingdom. Grandpas soul awaits Yugi to win 10 star chips, gain entrance into the castle, and to save him.

Grandpa Tea Joey and Tristan ep 2.jpg (14819 bytes)grandpa1.gif (28049 bytes)

Mai Valentine             Favorite card: Harpy Lady

Mai ep 23.jpg (14007 bytes)Mai Valentine is one of the top duelists in the world, and one of the many duelists in the Duel Monsters tournament. Mai uses her looks and her charm to appeal hot shot duelists into dueling her. Mai wants to win the tournament to get material needs and to avoid real work. During the tournament she beat some of the best duelists, but lost to the amateur Joey. Before Joey, Mai used a phony psychic ability to pretend she knew which cards were which, even when face down. She used this method to fake everyone out and to win the duels. However, Joey saw through her little scheme and found that she had sprayed all her cards with different perfumes, to tell the cards apart. After losing the duel to Joey, Mai sought to get revenge by having Rex Raptor duel Joey. After Joey beat Rex Raptor, she tried sharing food and supplies with Joey and his friends, trying to get along with them. She made clear that anyone standing in her way was going down. She then pledged to not make friends and that she would win all alone. Later, Mai was forced into a duel by the elliminator, Panic, and lost all of her star chips and was disqualified from the tournament. Luckily, Yugi stood up for her and challenged Panic to a duel, to win back Mai's star chips. Yugi suceeded and gave the chips back to Mai. Mai then promised to repay Yugi and have an honorable duel with him some day. Mai managed to repay Yugi back. After Yugis stunning defeat from Seto Kaiba, Mai wanted to give star chips to Yugi since she owed him. Yugi would'nt accept them, but Tea was willing to duel Mai for them. Mai went easy on Tea and let her win the chips. Having enough star chips, Mai entered the castle, along with Yugi, Joey, and their friends.

Mai ep 11.jpg (14854 bytes)mai_valentine1.gif (25220 bytes)

Bakura         Favorite Card - Change of Heart  

Bakura ep 12.jpg (12597 bytes)Bakura is another one of Yugis friends from school. Like Yugi, Bakura has a millenium item and is enfused with an ancient spirit inside of him. As Yugi and his friends were dueling in the tournament, Bakura was following closely behind, waiting to duel Yugi. When Bakura found Yugi, Joey, Tristan, and Tea, he asked them about their favorite cards. He then wanted to have a duel against Yugi, putting everyones favorite card into Yugis deck. The evil spirit inside Bakura then used the magic of his Millenium Ring to transport them into the Shadow Realm, and lock their souls into their favorite cards. However it was not so easy, Yugis ancient spirit inside of him, Yami Yugi, agreed to duel Bakura, to try and send his friends back. In the duel, the real Bakura, locked inside his favorite card, The Change of Heart card, managed to take control of his own card. Yugi then put the real Bakuras soul back in place and defeated the evil spirit, sending it to the graveyard. After that, Bakura began following Yugi and his friends, on their quest to Pegasus' Castle.

bakura1.gif (23370 bytes)


Shadi ep 40.jpg (13372 bytes)Over the centuries, the Millenium Items have been guarded and kept safe from evil. Shadi is the protector of the Millenium Items, and the person who wears the Millenium Key. Over the years he has entrusted the Millenium Items to those fated to possess them, such as Maximillion Pegasus, who he entrusted the Millenium Eye during his venture into Egypt. With his Millenium Key, Shadi has the power to unlock a persons mind, and search the chambers within their mind for anything that he seeks. Directly after the Duelist Kingdom tournament and after Pegasus' Millenium Eye was taken from him, Shadi entered the scene, to search for the thief of Pegasus' Millenium Eye, since he sensed a new evil presence, trying to obtain all 7 mystic Millenium Items. Shadi manages to run into Yugi, who he suspects at first to be the thief, since he possess' a Millenium Item. He discovers that the young boy is the chosen one, and that he destined to unlock all the magic of the 7 Millenium Items.

Shadi1 ep 40.jpg (15083 bytes)

Duke Devlin     Game of Choice: Dungeon Dice Monsters

Duke Devlin ep 46.jpg (14694 bytes)Duke Devlin is the hot shot creator of Dungeon Dice Monsters. He opened up a new card shop in the town of Domino shortly after the Duelist Kingdom Tournament. Since his opening, he has been curious about Yugi Muto, and his unbelievable victory over Maximillion Pegasus. Duke Devlin wanted to expose Yugi for the fraud he believed he was. After Joey's encounter with Duke at school, Joey challenged to Duke to a game of Duel Monsters. But, after a come from behind win from Duke, Joey was forced to obey his commands for a whole week. Having had enough, Yugi stepped up to save Joey. Duke challenged Yugi to his own game, Dungeon Dice Monsters, which uses a dice field, and monsters from Duel Monsters, to try and strategically gain access to the opponent's heart points, and destroy all 3. Thinking he was a fraud, Devlin had the game broadcasted all over the world, trying to show that Yugi isn't worthy of the title King of Games. Through their bet, If Devlin was to win, he would be the new King of Games, and Yugi would to not play Duel Monsters ever again.

Duke Devlin1 ep 46.jpg (16191 bytes)

Bandit Keith     Deck Type: Machines

Bandit Keith and Bones ep 16.jpg (11746 bytes)Bandit Keith is a hot shot American duelist who aims to challenge Pegasus in the Duel Monsters tournament. Along with his buddies Zygor and Bones, they plan to take out any duelist that stands in their way. After being defeated by Pegasus in the Intercontinental tournament in New York City, Bandit Keith plans to get revenge on Pegasus for cheating him of the prize money. After drawing the card that would clinch the match for him, Pegasus called out a child from the crowd to finish the match, proving that even a child could beat Bandit Keith. Pegasus gave the child a piece of paper with instructions on how to win. After Keith layed down his card, the child read the instructions and countered with a stronger card, winnnig the match for Pegasus. Keith then demanded to see the paper. It had the card he would play, how to beat it, everything. After that defeat, Keith was determined to earn 10 star chips and gain entry into the castle. During the tournament, Bones and Zygor spotted a dweeb duelist, Joey, and Bones wanted to challenge him for his star chips. Zygor forced Joey into the duel inside a dark cave where a graveyard field was. Bandit Keith gave Bones some strong Zombie cards to improve his deck. Joey was forced into the duel, and had to accept. Bandit Keith coached Bones through the duel, giving him an almost unbeatable strategy. With Bones Call of the Haunted Card, he could ressurect monsters that had been defeated and bring them back as Zombies. Later in the duel, Yugi, Tristan, Tea, and Bakura found Joey. After almost losing the duel, Yugi helped Joey out and told him that there was a card that could turn the match around. Joey used his Shield and Sword card to win the duel against Bandit Keith and Bones, and Joey looked forward to dueling Bandit Keith later in the tournament.

Bandit Keith ep 15.jpg (11835 bytes)Bandit Keith ep 30.jpg (17751 bytes)

Mako Tsunami     Deck Type: Water, Aqua

Mako ep 6.jpg (13623 bytes)Mako Tsunami is the highest ranked Ocean based duelist in Duel Monsters. Mako was invited into the tournament and wants to win the prize money so that he can buy a ship and sail the seven seas. As a child, Mako sailed the seas with his father, who was an expert fisherman. When a sudden storm arose, the sea got violent and pitched the boat back and forth. Makos father tied him down to the boat to secure him in place. However while he was securing Mako, he did not have time to secure himself. Mako thought that his father was dead, until he noticed that a life boat was missing, and knew he was still alive. Mako wants to buy a boat and search the seas until he finds his father. Before he can do that, he must beat the challengers that stand in his way. One day he met with Yugi, after Joey and Tristan went to look for food, and found some barbequed fish that Mako made. Mako challenged Yugi to a duel, his first worthy adversary. In the duel, this was Yugis first time playing against sea based duel monsters. Mako dominated the match until Yugi destroyed his own Moon card and changed the playing field, leaving all land and no water left for his sea based creatures. Mako then started over again, trying to become an even better duelist, to search for his father someday.

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