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Subject: Deck Fix - The Legendary Fisherman
Hey, this is my deck, which I tried to make it revolve around
                           card, The Legendary Fisherman. I hope you can help...
                           The deck:
                           Monsters (20):
                           1x The Legendary Fisherman
                           1x Deepsea Warrior
                           1x Catapult Turtle
                           1x Star Boy
                           2x Crab Turtle
                           3x 7 Colored Fish
                           2x High Tide Gyojin
                           2x Ooguchi
                           1x Man-eater Bug
                           1x Mystical Elf ( wanted Aqua Madoor... )
                           1x Big Eye
                           1x Cyber Jar
                           3x Magician Of Faith
                           Magics (15):
                           2x Umi
                           2x Turtle Oath
                           1x Pot of Greed
                           1x Axe of Despair
                           1x Dark Hole
                           1x Giant Trunade
                           1x Raigeki
                           1x Ground Collapse
                           2x Messenger Of Peace
                           1x Monster Reborn
                           1x Change of Heart
                           1x Card Destruction
                           Traps (8):
                           1x Solemn Judgement
                           1x Seven Tools Of The Bandit
                           1x Mirror Force
                           2x Gravity Bind
                           2x Light Of Inervention
                           1x Waboku
                           This deck focuses on "decking" the opponent...I'll hope to get out 
                           Fisherman and Deepsea Warrior, play Messanger of Peace, Umi, Gravity 
                           and Light of Intervention and sit back and hope the opponent doesn't 
                           Heavy Storm.  Ooguchi is there to slowly drain away the opponents life 
                           points. Crab Turtle is in there for attack power. Well, I hope you can 
                           me out. Thanks in advance!
                           - Ryouta
Hey Ryouta.
Even with the new ruling on The
                           Legendary Fisherman, 
(If it's your only monster,
your opponent may attack you directly) it still
looks like an interesting card to tryout. One of the locals in my area
uses a Fisherman deck, and he manages do to alot of winning.
The key to building a good Fisherman deck is to not base the entire deck
on Umi. If you do, and your strategy fails, you won't have much left to
support you. Besides The Legendary Fisherman, the only other water type
you will be using is 7 Colored Fish.
-Monster- 19
                           The Legendary Fisherman
3x 7 Colored Fish
3x Magician of Faith
3x La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
2x Goblin Attack Force
2x Man-Eater Bug
1x Cyber Jar
1x Witch of the Black Forest
1x Jinzo

                           dropped alot of you single cards for many reasons. Deapsea Warrior
is nothing compared to The Legendary Fisherman. Catapult Turtle
doesn't belong in this type of deck. Pretty much the same reasons
for the other cards that I dropped as well.
                           not a Fisherman deck without three The Legendary Fisherman.
Regardless if you have Umi in play, La Jinn will always be good support
for you.
Goblin Attack Force is used to clear the way for your Fisherman.
                           The same
goes for Man-Eater Bug. And since Fisherman is a Lvl. 5, he also works
as good Tribute.
                           is too good to not play. With Umi & Fisherman in play, having a way
to negate all Traps just makes Fisherman even better.
                           works as good tribute and can search for pretty much everything
in the deck besides The Legendary Fisherman.
You were playing with some good Magic cards, but a few of them were way
1x Dark Hole
1x Pot of Greed
1x Monster Reborn
1x Change of Heart

3x Umi
2x Heavy Storm
2x Axe of Despair
2x Nobleman of Crossout / Fissure / Tribute to the Doomed
                           restricted cards should be self explanatory.
Heavy Storm is too powerful not to play even
                           though it destroys your Umi.
You have 3 Magician of Faith as well as 3 Umi, so this shouldn't be a big
problem. As long as you time Heavy Storm correctly, you will get great
results with a small drawback.
                           I don't like Tribute to the Doomed at all. Choose one that you
believe works best in your local area (Metagame).
                           of the other Magic cards you were using were pretty much pointless.
-Trap- 7
                           Magic Jammer / Solemn Judgment
2x Trap Hole
1x Mirror Force
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Imperial Order
The Jammer/Solemn is primarily for keeping your Umi safe. But of course
they can always be used in tight situations. Same goes for Imperial Order
which is ab extremely broken card.
                           Hole was added to give you a little more Monster removal.
Call of the Haunted along with
                           Monster Reborn can be used to revive your
killed Fisherman(s).
Some other cards you
                           can add to the deck are: Snatch Steal, Delinquent Duo or
Premature Burial. You can also use two Megamorph in place of the two Axe if you
You probably don't own most of these cards, seeing as how your
                           original deck looked.
What you can do is use substitute cards in place of some of the rarer cards, until
you can get them.
Good luck!

All right recieved Copyright 2003.