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There are several types of Spell Cards. Spell Cards can only be played during a Main Phase (Phases of Gameplay, p.22). The only exception to this rule is a Quick-Play Spell Card. Spell Card types are identified by the card icons listed at the end of this section. Spell cards are color-coded GREEN.
Spell diagram
Normal Spell Cards

Once their Spell is activated these cards are destroyed. Like the "Dark Hole" card, they are often very powerful.


Continuous Spell Cards

These cards remain on the field once they are played and their Spell effect continues until they are destroyed or removed. There is often a cost involved to maintain the effect of this type of Spell Card.

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Equip Spell Cards

These cards allow you to modify the strength of monsters. When playing this card to the field, place it so that it overlaps with the Monster Card that you wish to equip.

Usually, this card can only be used with monsters that are face-up on the field. However, you may equip either your own OR your opponent’s Monster Cards with Equip Spell Cards. In some cases, certain monsters cannot be equipped with these cards (refer to the individual card’s text). One monster can be equipped with several Equip Spell Cards.

However, Equip Spell Cards count towards your 5-card Spell & Trap Card limit (even cards attached to an opponent’s monster), so be sure to use them wisely.

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Field Spell Cards

These cards are used to alter the conditions on the field and modify the Attack and Defense capabilities of monsters. They are placed in the Field Card Zone and are NOT included in the Spell & Trap Zone’s 5-card limit. They may be placed face-down in the Field Card Zone, but will not be activated until flipped face-up.

There can only be 1 active Field Spell Card on the field at any given time between both players. When a new Field Spell Card is activated, the previous active card is sent to the Graveyard. Also, if a Field Spell card is destroyed and there are no active Field Spell Card on the field, the field returns to the original state that it was at the beginning of the game.

If a player’s Field Spell Card is Set when an active Field Spell Card is destroyed, the Set card does not automatically activate. Field Spell Cards can only be activated by a player, but never during an opponent’s turn.

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Quick-Play Spell Cards

Aside from the Main Phase, this type of card can be activated during the Battle Phase. Also, if you have this card Set on the field, you can activate it during your opponent’s turn.

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Ritual Spell Cards

These card are needed to summon a Ritual Monster. After the Ritual Monster Summon, it is destroyed together with the required Tribute monster(s).

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