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Rules & Restrictions for Sending in a Deck:

1) The Deck must be 40+ cards (maximum deck size I will fix is 60 cards). Please tell me if you are using Restrictions at the beginning.

2) DO NOT send in a list of all the cards you own and ask me to make a deck for you, my little brother does that enough. It must be a deck you have already constructed and need help with.

3) List after the deck list what you want the deck to do, what problems you are having with it, and other points, like what you want to stay in the deck, etc.

4) I do not fix decks with Japanese cards, sorry.

5) Send in your deck. Wait for a day or two, and you will have the deck sent back, that is how fast I promise to be.

I now collect Yu-Gi-Oh, and will be a loyal Yu-Gi-Oh player/deck mechanic for awhile to come.

Thanks to all the decks you send it, I will enjoy fixing them.

My e-mail is

Here those are already been done:

        07.14.04 Standard White Control


There is another coming.



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